Design is not a one man show – it’s an everyday collaboration.

2019/04/03 Okategoriserade

Attended a seminar on branding and design in a digital world today. Very interesting, but really no news to me. For me, design is strategy + aesthetics = business value. But we have to talk more about what effect design can make. Design is a crucial tool to create sustainable and profitable brands. Through design we can create emotions that evokes action. Good and relevant design is good business.

In my work at Saab I really try to consume all input and feedback I get from within the organisation. Listen. Learn. It is only through insights you can evolve the visual language of your brand and create consistency in every brand experience. Together with insights from your market and the understanding from your organisation – you get your brand noticed, remembered and talked about. Design it’s not a one man show – it’s a collaboration. Every day.